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For the past 33 years, Dr. Prywes has provided his patients with conservative Periodontal Treatment which emphasizes deep scaling and root planning, and reduces the need for periodontal surgery.

With extremely fine and delicate instruments, Dr. Prywes provides thorough cleaning. Unlike the majority of periodontists today, Dr. Prywes is committed to performing all periodontal scaling and root planning, as well as periodontal maintenance himself- “I do not use a dental hygienist. Each patient can be certain that they are being given the utmost personal care. This approach is critical to the success of conservative periodontal treatment.”
Periodontal maintenance provides periodic deep scaling and root planning, allowing to detect and prevent periodontal disease at an early stage. This will prevent additional bone loss and avoid the need for more complex and costly treatments. This conservative treatment helps avoid periodontal surgery in approximately 90% of cases. Dr Prywes performs periodontal surgery when necessary, and uses bone graft and proteins to enhance bone growth, as well as gum grafting as needed.

Conservative Periodontics & Implantology